Catherine Gibbon

"Cathy in her Studio"
by Lorne Toews

Nature's Way

Nature's Way


As an artist, I spend my life learning about the land.
It is a source of perpetual energy and mystery. The more one absorbs: the more it teaches.

I think of the creative process as something like breathing. It is an emergent process which can be described as drawing in, reflection and assimilation, and externalizing. It begins as connections are made with the world , which are then filtered by the artistís sensibility, experience and memory and are finally recreated into visual form.

Every human being experiences this process but I think what distinguishes the artist is that we make a practice of refining the search for the metaphors which articulate human experience. I am always cultivating new ways of being receptive to the world around me. I make a practice of walking, sketching, journal writing, reading, playing music, listening and looking; all of which bring insights to my work. It is essentially a mystery to me as to how intuition can be transformed into art but in my case it is as simple as following my heart and spending time in nature.

Catherine's Studio

Catherine's studio at the top of the escarpment in Greensville.

The Niagara escarpment is a daily presence in my life. On my way to my studio in Greensville I ascend the Sydenham hill to the summit of the escarpment. Whatever thoughts are in my mind are dropped when I reach the top. There, I switch my focus to that stunning bowl of space which spreads out before me in an endless variety of colours, light and weather. Cézanne says that genius is finding enchantment in the everyday. To me, you don’t have to be a genius to be awestruck by this revelatory view.