Landscape 1

Bush and Dawn Shadow

Chalk pastel, 15" x 10", 2006

Heart Light

Chalk pastel, 34" x 24", 2006

Marsh and Mist

Chalk pastel, 45" x 32", 2006

Pink Mist

Chalk pastel, 42" x 32", 2010

Reflected Presence

Chalk pastel, 18" x 22", 2006

Cloud Veil

Chalk pastel, 52" x 48", 2006

Even As We Speak

Chalk pastel, 52" x 48", 2006

Lark Harbour Cemetery

Oil on canvas, 60" x 48", 2004

Heavenly Fire

Chalk pastel on wood panels, 12' x 9', 2005


I like to watch the clouds from the top of the escarpment. Especially those clouds that pour from the lake and rise up through the valley like a great moving sea. I feel like I'm at the bottom of wind, caught, breathless in the full motion of the sky... wind, water--defying gravity... Rising and falling in the advance and retreat of the sky.

For me this is the defining view. It is the view that has gathered all the water, earth and air into one body. This is a landscape of edges. Of openings and departures. Where the stone suddenly drops away from your feet. Where place becomes space.